Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds love the idea that you can grow your own paradise. With our seed bank connections you can get cannabis seeds shipped worldwide. Find a trustworthy seed bank that uses the latest stealth techniques. We know seed banks that are always a few steps ahead. Find hand selected cannabis seeds so you will most likely get 100% germinations rates. It’s best to buy only premium grade seeds with the best genetics.

It’s grow season, and we have a promo this week

They are currently offering free feminized seeds with your order. Find the seed catalogue for more details and special pricing this week.

Everyone wants cannabis seeds because they are sold out

With most western countries recently legalizing cannabis, everyone wants to buy cannabis seeds and grow their own legally. With an increased demand of 680% last year, there is a huge global seed shortage, and prices are expected to rise next month over 500%. Get your strain today while they are still in stock.